Sometimes it is hard to say goodbyes. Some goodbyes are hard to meant and hard to say but there is nothing to do if you need to deal with the reality of it. I don’t only mean break-ups or loss of someone. I mean, the very first beginning of saying goodbye. That’s the real one and that’s one that makes you feel human. And then, the other goodbyes that you have to deal with. Those are painful as well. As you go through life, shit comes and goes and you just need to look through.

Goodbyes come with tears, leave with grieving and repeating with longing. Goodbyes make you feel more than human, a bit alien, and a sort of homo-saphien. If you can wish it properly, you feel alive, you feel broken but also you may find the power the fix yourself.

Goodbyes ain’t easy. You gotta learn how to say them. Wish them, from the bottom of your heart, if you can.

Give yourself a big hug and stay at that moment. Give a huge hug then say good bye to your life.