Dear John,

Your name is not John, not Bob, not William. You think that your name is real as fuck. I’m so sorry John, your name is a fake one. You have pants, shirts, jackets, ties and condoms. You have a good job, a phone, an apartment, a couple of friends, a couple of drinks, a couple of one night stands. That’s all you have.

How do you define yourself John? Honest, douche, rude, polite, carefree, kind, open. Which one is yours? Who are you John? Do you know really know? Would you like to pick one of them?

I’m not your mom John, not your dad, not your sister, not your brother, not your lover, not your whore. I am not even your friend anymore. Do you hear what I say?

You are a lonely planet, John. Don’t be cranky. All is well. Keep playing.